Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Westminster Abbey, the Tower of Big Ben

Two cards by different publishers of the same subject from almost identical viewpoints.
The top one, by day. Never posted.
Westminster Abbey. this viewpoint shows the West Towers of Westminster Abbey with Big Ben, St Margaret's Church and Parliament Square in the background.
The lower one, by night. Postmarked Reading, dated 7 July 1980.
Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square. The Abbey was mainly built by Henry III in the 13th century as a burial ground for English sovereigns. Here, the Kings and Queens of England are crowned. The Houses of Parliament contain both the House of Commons and the House of Lords which were rebuilt in 1840 by Sir Charles Barry after the fire had destroyed the original in 1834. The building incorporates "Big Ben" so named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the then Commissioner of Works.
Printed in Ireland.


  1. I never realized that there was a reason for the lyrics ...

    England swings like a pendulum do bobbies on bicycles two by two
    Westminster Abbey the Tower of Big Ben the rosy red cheeks of the little children
    Now if you huff and puff and you fin'ly save enough
    Money up to take your family on a trip across the sea
    Take a tip before you take your trip let me tell you where you go go to England oh
    Mama's old pijamas and your papa's mustache
    Fallin' out the window sill frolic in the grash
    Tryin' to mock the way they talk fun but all in vain
    Gepin' at the dapper men with ferby hats and canes

    your website is great, by the way!

  2. I'm so glad someone picked that up! I was thinking of mentioning the lack of rosy red cheeks on the postcards but wasn't sure how many people would understand.


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