Tuesday 2 September 2008


I can't read the postmark, but it is dated 9 August 2008.

Wuylingyuan Scenery
Warrior training a hose
FP7 10-3 1998 B

Wulingyuan is in Hunan Province and is known for the sandstone pillars illustrated here. It stretches over 26,000 hectares. Apart from the beautiful and spectacular scenery, it shelters many endangered species. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


  1. Quite a coincidence, Sheila, as you say. I knew little about China until I started researching it this year. I've now written about Hainan, the panda sanctuary near Chengdu (town which was hit by the earthquake), walled town, Pingyao, Shangri-La in Yunnan province, and currently, the Yangtze River. It' all fascinating.

  2. When I visited China on a three week trip some few years ago, I saw many of these natural rock formations and just loved the amazing names the Chinese had chosen for each one.

  3. That is a truly amazing postcard picture. China is a place I would love to visit one day.


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