Friday 5 September 2008


Postmarked Seinäjoki and dated 5 September 2005.

One of the very early cards I received through Postcrossing, today being its postal anniversary.


  1. after a year in Finland haven't been to Seinäjoki yet. "Seinäjoki is known for hosting two large summer events: Tangomarkkinat, which is a tango festival attracting more than 100,000 visitors annually, and Provinssirock, which is the biggest rock festival in Finland."

  2. Finland seems beautiful. I love the flowers and the picture of the children by the water. :)

  3. Thanks CookieTravels. I've found it quite hard to find out much.
    Max, it really does seem beautiful, and the interesting thing is that all the cards I receive from Finland tend to be of this more artisitc type, rather than the views I'm used to.


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