Friday, 10 October 2008

Galtee Mountains, Tipperary

Postmarked Tiobraid Arann (Tipperary), and dated 29 August 1983.

Galtee Mountains from Vee Road, Knockmealdown, Co. Tipperary: Ireland's finest inland mountain range rises immediately north of the Mitchelstown Caves to its highest point (Galtymore, 3018 feet). On this southern side of the range there are many easy routes to the summit peaksfrom the Mitchelstown - Cahir road which runs on the lower slopes. Steeper ascents and rock climbs can be made above the five tiny lakes lying in corries on the northern (Glen of Aherlow) side of the range.

Knockmealdown is the highest peak of the Knockmeladown range which is on the border of county Tipperary and county Waterford. Galtymore itself straddles the border between county Tipperary and county Limerick.

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  1. Just beautiful. These postcards take me on sweet journeys.

  2. This postcard is still being produced, bearing in mind that it was taken in the late 50s/early 60s. If you take a closer look, you will see the canopy of a Land Rover Series 11 where the brown road meets the main road. The vast majority of the trees have now grown beyond the mile-high club as they are old Scots Pine. The road in the middle is now tarmacadamed. In Summer this area is completely covered in Rhody's and is some sight to drive through.


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