Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rod Laver Arena, Australia

Postmarked Sydney, dated 12 August 2008.  A postage pre-paid card, the first I've come across.

The Rod Laver Arena is in Melbourne, Victoria, and is the venue for the Australian Open Tennis Championship.  The stadium's name was changed from Centre Court to honour Rod Laver, the only person to have won the Grand Slam twice.


  1. Yes! some of the postcards here are already prepaid and they are cheaper actually. I hope you can visit my blog Living In Australia to see more of Australia. Blessings!

  2. Wow! Nice postcard :)

  3. Hi LIAu, thanks for the confirmation! I like your blog :)
    MBL, it is nice isn't it? It has a great perspective.

  4. Hi Sheila. Just letting you know you have some more blog awards. See them on my blog.

  5. An interesting picture, with the tennis ball in the foreground. And Rod Laver was the greatest.

    I hope you receive many more awards. You deserve them.


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