Sunday, 5 October 2008

A week in Florence: Day 4 - the river Arno

Dating from August 1993.

Firenze - Veduta panoramica.

This panoramic view shows the River Arno, second only to the Tiber in importance in central Italy. It cuts through the centre of Florence where it is crossed by the Ponte Vecchio and the Ponte Santa Trinita. It has flooded Florence regularly, most recently in 1966 when 40 people died and 5000 left homeless after the flood water reached 22 feet (6.7 metres) in the Santa Croce area.
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  1. What a nice view from above the city. I didn't know it was so large, either. Pretty.

  2. It is, it's lovely. Although it may look large, you can easily get around on foot, at least in the old city.

  3. Florence is beautiful in every season...


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