Monday, 3 November 2008

Nashville, USA

Postmarked Nashville, dated 11 September 2008.

Music Row
Nashville, Tennessee
From this bird's-eye view, one can see the centre of Nashville's music business.  The majority of the major record labels and management offices are located onn Music Row and Music Square.

"Home of country music and Grand Ole Opry" according to the writer of the card.  Grand Ole Opry is the oldest continuous radio station in the USA, having started in 1925.
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  1. Actually it is the oldest continuous radio show/broadcast. WSM (which has broadcast the show forever, or close to forever) is not the oldest radio station in the U.S.

    That's what you meant, and I know it. I just need you to know there are people out here watching your every move.

    Yes, I have a Nashville connection. Bet you didn't know that. Or know about the Parthenon in Centennial Park. Or the huge statue of Diana inside it. Or how they came to be. Long before Nashville was the Country Music Capitol, it was, and is, the Athens of the South.

    Believe it or don't.

  2. Thanks you Max, I didn't know any of those things. My knowledge is limited to the postcards I receive.

    So tell me, why do they have a statue of Princess Diana in Nashville? Was she a fan?


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