Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Nordkapp, Norway

Postmarked Nordkapp, dated 25 June 1984.

71º 10' 21"

Nordkapp is best known for its 397 metre high cliff which is referred to as the northernmost point in Europe.  In fact a nearby point is further north but is accessible only by foot.  The North Cape first became famous when the English explorer Richard Chancellor rounded it in 1553 while attempting to find a sea route through the Northeast Passage.

I add that last piece of information about Chancellor, because at one time I attended a school in England that had four houses, all named after famous seafarers, and one of them was Chancellor.  I never had any idea at the time what the names meant.  The others were Frobisher, Grenville and Gilbert.  I must look them up.

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