Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Reims, France

This was sent in an envelope so there is no potmark, but it is dated 29 June 1993.

La Champagne
51100 Reims (Marne)
La Cathédrale (XIIIe siècle)
1. L'Ange au Sourire (the smiling angel)
2. La Vierge du trumeau (the pillar virgin)
3. Vue générale de la cathédrale (general view)

Reims, or often spelt Rheims in English, is in the centre of the Champagne region and people visit as much for the champagne as anything else.  But the cathedral is stunning, another of those that make you just stand and stare.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,

The cathedral was built in the 13th century but there had been a church and an earlier cathedral on the site from the 5th century.  Inside there is some magnificent stained glass, two rose windows at the west end, and some modern glass by Chagall.

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  1. A masterpiece. I read that these often took hundreds of years to complete. Apparently not this one, but it looks huge. And people visit the cathedral as much for the champagne as anything? My kind of church. :) Thank you, Sheila.

  2. Max, the time it takes to build really depends on your definitions of starting and finishing. Often they were ongoing projects even though the building was in use. You are right, this one is huge. That's about all you are right about. :)


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