Sunday, 28 December 2008

Paying it forward

To continue the spirit of Christmas and taking a cue from Symphony of Love, I will mail a postcard to the first three people who send a mailing address to my email which you can see in the sidebar. The cards I have available can be seen on this slideshow or directly on Picasaweb. Just let me know which one you would like. They are all from different places in France.


  1. Wow Sheila, that is a great idea. I have enjoyed some of the postcards that you have posted in the past. I love the one Pointe du Raz. :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful holidays too.

  2. Hi BK, you're very welcome to the Pointe du Raz card, if you'd like to email me a mailing address to daily {dot} postcard {at} gmail etc., completing the address as it is in the sidebar.


Welcome to my postcard collection! I love hearing what you think of the cards - but spam WILL be deleted.

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