Monday, 19 January 2009

Dubai Municipality

Postmarked London, dated 13 May 1982.  Another sent from on board a ship.

Dubai Municipality with Intercontinental Hotel.

When I saw this card was from Dubai, my first thought was that this scene would have changed beyond all recognition.  In fact, when I looked it up, it was almost identical.  The Intercontinental Hotel is the building on the far left, the central one is the Dubai Municipality which has jurisdiction over city services and upkeep.

As usual, I find the message on the card as interesting as the card itself:
On our way to Mombasa to load coffee for the U.S.A.  Weather jolly hot and had a sand storm.  It lasted all day, they reckon the worst for 7 years.
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  1. OMG! Being from Dubai myself and seeing this almost brings tears to my eyes!

    The municipality and intercont still stand to this day but bares no significance to any visitor! many pass without even acknowledging it , even I personally done and do not know why people would place it on a card.

    this is part of the "old Dubai" and what is close to a very important creek which helped in increase trade in Dubai.

    would love to get my hand on some UAE vintage cards! any idea where i can start?


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