Saturday 17 January 2009

Statue of Pinutem, Luxor

Although postmarked London, it was written at the Suez Canal and dated 2 June 1982.  It was one of those sent to my father by someone in the Merchant navy.

Luxor - Statue of Phrao [sic] Pinutem and his wife.

I have seen photos of this statue variously ascribed to Ramses II, Ramses IV and Ramses VI.  All that seems to be clear is that it is a pharoah and his wife.  Hmm, I wonder which was which.

The message on the card reads:
We are on our way back to the USA with a cargo of coffee and empty containers.  No chance of going to the Falklands yet.  Weather nice.
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  1. I'm really excited as hubby and I are off to Luxor in March. If I find this I'll let you know about current thinking there.

  2. Sheila where did your dad get all of his postcards? This is a wonderful collection I have seen since I discovered your blog. Hope your having a good weekend.


  3. I've been to Luxor in Las Vegas. haha.

  4. Oh a card from Egypt... how I miss that country! :-(

  5. Why do I like this so very much? :)


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