Monday, 9 February 2009

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Postmarked Venice, dated 17 August 1982.

This postcard is from a series of six posters by Pierre Fix-Masseau in the style of the 1920s.  He is the last of the great French poster artists of the Art-Deco period.  Born in 1905, he lives in Paris. [In fact he died in 1994, after this postcard was produced.]

I include a scan of the stamp because the date is worth noting, though probably not too clear here.  It is interesting because the first run between London and Venice of was on 25 May 1982, so this was a from a very early trip.  Nowadays there are routes to eight different cities in Europe running between March and November.


  1. What a lovely image!It makes me want to hop on a train:)

  2. The Eastern Orient Express, Bangkok to Singapore passes my home every so often. I always wave to the opulent people sitting in the rear observation car!

  3. I must admit, Marie, that it looks very attractive.
    Mike, I hadn't known about that route, or even that there was an observation car. Sometimes I wouldn't mind being one of the opulent people, other times I think it must feel very cramped.


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