Friday, 13 March 2009

Friendship Friday: sauna

The postmark is somewhere in Finland, dated 10 March 2009.
 Original Terho Peltionemi.  Hörölä 269/1

It arrived after only two days and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be Postcard Friendship Friday's choice.  What an infectious smile!

According to the sender, it shows an old-fashioned "misty" sauna.  I have no idea what that means because I know next to nothing about saunas.  The text, I am told, says "It's good to do healthy things".

The card is one of a series by Terho Peltionemi, first created when he couldn't find a suitable card for a friend.  He offered a new line of illustrations to a printing press and so the Hörölä series was born.  Hörölä is derived from the word "hörötys", meaning roaring with laughter.

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  1. The face on the postcard's so cute. Looks like she just came out all red from the sauna!

  2. I agree, Sheila... this is a great choice for this week's PFF. The drawing is cute and the smile infectious! I have been to saunas before - mostly steam only. And you really get red after an hour or so :)

    Postcards Crossing

  3. I miss the popular sauna culture that exists in Germany as well! There are huge complexes with swimming pools and everything from peppermint saunas to mango steam baths. I always felt invigorated and healthy afterwards!

  4. When you don't have at hand what you need, why do not create it. That's an interesting concept. And this card 's worth a good smile.

    It seems to be a traditional sauna. Not really the way I imagine it. I just remember that the branches she holds are to strike the body with. She looks heavy-set, I wouldn't apreciate her care. : )

  5. Very interesting! I just happened to be reading about saunas in Poland yesterday. It's a practice that has all but disappeared there with moderization.

  6. Happy PFF! Ah to enjoy a sauna day~ I'm am so there! ha ha Great post today and thanks for visiting me too. Have a great day!

  7. Oh, I need a sauna like this, especially on a dreary day like today. This things are popular in Russia too; they call them "banya" there. You go in and beat yourself silly with a birch branch. It improves the circulation.

  8. what a warm, hearty smile! she seems to be welcoming people to her humble house!

    i hope to get a postcard like this from finland through postcrossing! :)

  9. I too love the smile, though not much on saunas. The lady is perfect for "friendly." :)

  10. Gald you all liked her. She's one of my favourites. :)

  11. That's a great postcard!

    I would assume that a "misty" sauna refers to the Finnish practice of "loyly" (sprinkling water on hot sauna stones to produce steam and change a dry sauna bath into a wet "steam sauna" experience).

    Very good for a smile, thanks!


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