Tuesday 17 March 2009

A map of Ireland for St Patrick's Day

Unused, bought 8 or 9 years ago for my father by a visitor who knew he was Irish.

John Hinde Original 2/GL1
Ireland: The unique beauty of Ireland's landscape and its rich historic, literary and artistic associations have long made it a favourite resort of tourists. Encompassing a wealth of natural beauty within its modest dimensions, Ireland hosts a landscape which is as much diverse as it is gratifying. The scenic grandeur is set off by Ireland's position. Standing in the path of both the prevailing westerly winds of the Atlantic and the warming currents of the Gulf Stream, Ireland enjoys an equable climate which gives the country its unique fresh appearance.

Not the prettiest card I've ever seen, but the blurb on the back makes up for it. I've often noticed that cards from Ireland have very elaborate and almost effusive wording on the reverse, making me wonder if they are published by the tourist board. I prefer that, though, to the rather terse descriptionson others.

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  1. This was such a cool idea. I love seeing your post cards!!:-)))

  2. Sheila My Friend
    May the Sun always Rise to Meet You and may the wind always be at your back; may your troubles be few and your blessings many.

    Happy Saint Patricks Day

  3. I kinda like it; it's different from the usual map postcards and certainly colorful.

  4. Happy St Paddy's day! I had a blast pretending that I was Irish today:) Cheers!

  5. I missed doing postcards for a few posts, but made up for it with 3 Irish cards in today's.

  6. Sheila,
    They have amended the forced commercial adds terms. That is the only reason I agreed to return.

    They should an email out and let everyone know this about changing the demands.

    The above fold has been amended and you will not be debited for rejecting any adds.

    I just found out today. It's at their blog. Trust me no way would I have returned without this change.

    I do not want other people choosing what adds run on my blog.

    So if you want to run the adds you can but just like at CMF...you now have a choice to also decline the add!!

    Happy St. Patrick''s Day!!

  7. There's a St Patrick's Day celebration here too for the expats but over the years even the locals join in the fun.

  8. Thanks to all for your St Patrick's Day greetings!

  9. I think this is the first ever postcard produced by John Hinde for Ireland in 1957. Its still being produced today and can be found at any tourist shop.


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