Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Unused, and there is no date on it.  It's in near perfect condition so I think it must have been bought in relatively recent years, and not when my father was stationed in nearby Naples during the war.

Sorrento is a small town in southern Italy, overlooking the Bay of Naples.  It is a very popular tourist destination, not far from Pompeii.  The picture, I believe, shows Vesuvius across the bay the only volcano in Europe to have erupted in the last 100 years.  It is best known for being the volcano which erupted to destroy Pompeii.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]


  1. hello Sheila,
    this card look like a poscard I get in my collection.But it's not an italian card, it's a sight to menton (france)with a same tree and the same sea.

  2. Black and white postcards should be more popular nowadays.

  3. I have several Naples postcards, but none of Sussex. I have one of Folsom Prison on my blog today. Maybe it is time to find where I've stashed the Naples cards.

  4. @Eddy, I wonder if they have a scene, and add some individual landmarks to each - Vesuvius for Sorrento, St Jean-Cap Ferrat for Menton!

    @Martin, I agree, but they are hard to find these days.

    @dmarks, I believe this is my only one from that area. I have a good many others from Italy, but not Naples.


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