Thursday 2 April 2009


Unused and undated, but I would think from the 1980s
Vue générale de Nîmes et les Arènes.

The city of Nîmes in the south of France became a Roman colony in around 30BC.  The amphitheatre was built during the first century BC and is one of the best preserved in the world.  25,000 spectators could watch gladiators fighting.  It is now used for spectacular concerts.  There are many tunnels underneath it, part of the sophisticated Roman drainage system.

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  1. Must be a spectacular scene during night concerts. I have always admired the amphitheatres built by the Romans.

  2. Chris just reminded me about PFF! The kids have Easter vacation and I missed the fact that it was already Friday!

  3. @Mike, thanks.

    @Mei Teng, I think that would be spectacular!

    @Marie, I have my post ready - almost!

  4. One of my favourite places in France.


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