Monday 4 May 2009

Map cards: Nevada

Postmarked Las Vegas, dated 22 April 2009.
Established in 1864, Nevada is a diverse state offering visitors such attractions as gambling on the Vegas strip, alien sightseeings near Area 51, and skiing around the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe.
Artwork Smith-Southwestern.

The state was the 36th to join the union.  It did so in 1864, during the Civil War, resulting in the words "Battle Born" appearing on the state flag.  Three years previously it had separated from Utah.
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  1. Oh and Wild Wild West:)
    If I want to take a walk on the wild side then I will visit Nevada one day:)
    Lovely card to post, I like it.

  2. How perfectly wonderful. I especially like the little spaceship!

  3. If you zoom in far enough, you can see Hoss and Little Joe on the Ponderosa.

  4. Beautiful! UFO and dinosaur? hahaha. I heart this one, Sheila :)

    Postcards Crossing

  5. Nice postcard

  6. Nevada is called the silver state because of the silver mining that brought in the settlers. A lot of silver. The word means snow in Spanish. Snow-covered, actually - referring to the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

    Much land is Government for testing nuclear things and there is an area where they say the government has a UFO stored in "Area 85" or something like that. Hence the space ship. The government says no, but won't let anyone go in there. A good scary story. :) Lots of dino fossils all over the American Southwest.

  7. Thanks for explaining all that, Max. I didn't know any of that and certainly not what the space ship was doing there.

    I read a long explanation on how to pronounce Nevada but I don't think it fitted my accent. :) It related to nevada meaning snow-covered.

  8. Really? The explanation needn't be long. Heh.

    Nevada (if one is speaking Spanish and trying to say "snow-covered") is prounounced Nah VAH dah.

    However, if you are speaking the name of the state, those who live there call their home Nuh VA duh with a short "a" in the middle as in bath or bad. See? :) Now you know. Many Americans who don't live there pronounce it the Spanish way (wrong) too.


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