Saturday 9 May 2009

Map cards: Wisconsin

Postmarked Madison, dated 8 April 2009.
Wisconsin Fish Map
The 8,289 Wisconsin lakes offer excellent fishing.  More than 10,000 miles of trout streams run through the state.

The state got its name from the river, recorded as Meskousing ( by the French explorer who was first to reach it).  The spelling later became Ouisconsin and later still anglicised to Wisconsin. 

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  1. Now here is a subject I love and a card I would have probably bought if faced with it in a shop.

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  3. Fantastic card !
    I did not know this information ,maybe back in school when we studied the states.
    Thank you so much for the great post and the intresting information.
    This was really fun.
    Have a great day .

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  5. Thanks for joining the Postcard Scavenger Hunt. this is a great card.


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