Wednesday 13 May 2009


Postmarked Monte Carlo, dated 11 May 2009.
208 - Monaco - Monte Carlo.
Photo: A. Tisserandet.

Monaco is a tiny principality on the coast between France and Italy.  It is the second smallest independent state in the world after the Vatican, though six times the size of the Vatican.  It is almost entirely urban and has been gradually building out into the sea.  It is made up of four sections - Monaco-ville, (the old city), Monte Carlo (the resort), La Condamine (by the harbour), and Fontvieille (reclaimed land).  The old city is very attractive, and beautifully maintained.
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  1. It's also an expensive city to be living in isn't?

  2. A good place also to ask for your Martini, shaken, not stirred.

  3. It's a place I've always wanted to visit too.

  4. It sounds delightful.
    I have always wanted to go there.
    Thanks to all the romantic notions put into my head as a young girl watching late night movie reruns featuring Grace Kelly.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful postcard.
    have a fantastic day.


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