Sunday 24 May 2009

Morgan Hill

Postmarked San Jose, Ca, dated 27 March 2009.
Morgan Hill, Californai
Photos: Ken Glaser.

I received this card from a 12 year old girl who said:
These are shots of my little town, Morgan Hill.  It's where I grew up, and it's the best little town ever!
If the pictures of the town hadn't endeared me to the place, the message most certainly did.

Morgan Hill is 12 miles south of San Jose and 15 miles from the coast.  It developed after Diana and Hiram Morgan Hill built an estate between the railroad and Monterey Road in 1886.  A railroad station was built in 1898 and was referred to by travellers as "Morgan's Hill Ranch" which later became Morgan Hill.  The population grew from 250 in 1896, to 33,000 in 2000.  It grew rapidly with the development of Silicon Valley.  Although a population as large as that doesn't seem too small to me, the open spaces and parks help to maintain a small-town atmosphere, as you can see from the card.


  1. I love your blog! did I overlook, or you really don't have a postcard from Malaysia here??? if so.. that's a crime! PLEASE email me with your address and I'll send you one from here ;) ilyanim at gmail dot com.

    x imajica

  2. How very lovely! And so sweet that this little girl sent you a postcard for your collection. Wow! (grin) How very thoughtful.

  3. @Imajica, so sorry!! :) I'm always ready to swap, so I'll be in touch by email.

    @Beth, I'm very fond of this card because of the little girl who sent it - and her message.


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