Friday 22 May 2009

PFF: Clontarf, Dublin

Unused.  I think it must date from the 1940s.
Vernon Avenue, Dublin
P.J. Curran, Publisher, Dublin.

Not a spectacular picture, by any stretch of the imagination, but it means quite a lot to me.  My grandmother was brought up in the first house on the right.  I have little idea how this card came into our possession, whether my father found it and bought it, or whether it was once my grandmother's.  Either way, it is something to keep for future generations.  From what I can gather, Vernon Avenue has changed radically, and I suspect the house will have been demolished long ago.

It seems to me a good occasion to answer my own questions, so here goes.

1. When did you start collecting?

I probably didn't start collecting myself until about 15 years ago, but until then I supported and encouraged my father in his collection.  He started collecting because he once, in the 1970s, asked someone in the merchant navy to send him a postcard.  The postcard duly arrived, followed by others regularly over years, and the collecting started.

2. What made you start?

My father's enthusiasm started me off in the first place. By the time he became too ill to continue, I was already hooked.

3. Why do you continue with it?

It's in part because I love seeing other parts of the world, and in part because I enjoy finding out more about each place. Each card, each place, has something to offer: geography, history, general knowledge.

4.  Do you have any favourites or specialise in a country or theme?

No, not really at all.  I used to think I liked only view-cards.  Then I thought I would like to try to find cards showing a place over time, a vintage card and a modern one of the same spot.  Both those still hold true, but I've been sent some beautiful artistic cards and also some amusing ones, which I've enjoyed immensely. Then I became interested in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And then I realised my understanding of geography in general, American in particular, was so bad that map cards would be good....

I have a butterfly mind, and it's reflected in my collection! :)

A post for Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. I'd say it's older: probably 1930s, possibly even as old as the late '20s.

  2. Sheila! Tis is such a treasure! You are a lucky duck to have this! I have a list of people who have been searching for YEARS(10 or more)for a specific family house card. I have my eyes peeled for them but it really is a neede in a haystack:)

  3. No matter how old it is, its amazingly well preserved .. thanks for sharing!

  4. @Chris, I was going to say older until I saw what I took to be a woman riding a bicycle in a dress. That, to me, seemed more recent but I'm quite prepared to believe I'm entirely wrong.

    @Marie, I know, I'm very fortunate to have this. I have been designated the keeper of family history. :)

    @Daryl, it is well preserved, yes, and I must make very effort to keep it that way. Thanks. :)

  5. Happy PFF!! Thanks for visiting me today. That is a special postcard you have, you lucky gal! Oh if we could go back in time and walk along that sidewalk.... sigh!

  6. WOW!!! This is such a fab card, what a treasure.

  7. Residential streets usually aren't found on cards in the U.S., so you are lucky.

  8. a butterfly mind...I love that description!
    This card is very special and a treat to learn about the background. I wonder if you have tried "visiting" the neighborhood via Google Earth or, what I use because it's simpler, Google Maps. Just key in the address (or cross street, etc) and once Google brings it in, click on "Street View." I'm surprised...pleasantly much of the Earth has been mapped.
    Excuse this long explanation if you are already a user of the service, maybe even an expert!

  9. A very special card indeed. I love the butterfly mind description.

  10. Thank you for sharing this card and the bit of history that makes it special to you. I enjoyed reading about your postcard collection beginnings, too! Happy PFF!

  11. How fun that you have a postcard that has your grandmother's home on it. Very cool. I just got back from Ireland and the Isle of Man - what a great time. The only thing I really brought back, were postcards.

  12. what a precious vintage postcard from dublin...and an interesting look at your hobby's origins!

  13. I started collecting the day I received my first postcard in the mail. That was a LONG time ago!

    GREAT postcard! Happy PFF--a little late, but a greeting heartily given just the same!

  14. Incase it is of interest, here is how it looks today.,-6.195549&spn=0.001805,0.00412&t=m&layer=c&cbll=53.362366,-6.195571&panoid=quHgce6WCf_IqAWcxPnzNA&cbp=12,2.14,,0,0&z=18


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