Saturday 2 May 2009

UNESCO WHS week: Padua

Postmarked Paova CMP, dated 11 April 2009.
Orto Botanico dell'Universita di Padova.

The world's first botanical garden was created in Padua in 1545. It still preserves its original layout – a circular central plot, symbolizing the world, surrounded by a ring of water. Other elements were added later, some architectural (ornamental entrances and balustrades) and some practical (pumping installations and greenhouses). It continues to serve its original purpose as a centre for scientific research.

It is the original of all botanical gardens throughout the world, and represents the birth of science, of scientific exchanges, and understanding of the relationship between nature and culture. It has made a profound contribution to the development of many modern scientific disciplines, notably botany, medicine, chemistry, ecology, and pharmacy.
 The plane tree in this picture is almost 400 years old.  Its hollow trunk is the result of a lightning strike.  Currently the oldest tree is the Goethe palm, so called because Goethe mentioned it in an essay.
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  1. I really wondered what the picture was unitl you expalained. 500 years old Wow!

  2. How beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing what the photo is. How wonderful!


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