Wednesday 10 June 2009

Lenin's Mausoleum, Moscow

Postmarked Moscow, dated 16 May 2009.
Moscow, Red Square, Lenin Mausoleum.

On the card, as well as the mausoleum, you can see parts of the Kremlin on the right and St Basil's Cathedral on the left.  The Red Square as a whole is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The card came with these lovely stamps.  I was particularly interested in the Gagarin stamp on the left.  I had no idea that Yuri Gagarin would be 75 if he had lived.  He is buried in the walls of the Kremlin.  I remember being at school when he made his historic flight to be the first man in space in 1961, and we named a mascot after him.  We all wanted to be astronauts when we grew up.
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  1. Cosmonaut. Yuri was a cosmonaut.

  2. 1. What's the difference?
    2. I said we wanted to be astronauts, not that he was one.
    3. I wish I hadn't said nice things about you last week. :)

  3. You said you wanted to be astronauts when you grew up, but you said it right after you said Yuri was your mascot.

    A reasonable person - which, I suppose, is not really relevant to this conversation - would assume that you wanted to be like your hero/mascot, and therefore merely erred by using the word astronaut. So I tried to help put you back on the right path.

    What's the difference? One is from USSR, later Russia, one is not. A cosmonaut is a Universe-voyager; an astronaut is a star voyager.

    How I could go on.

  4. Indeed you could go on, for a considerable time, that much I do know. And I acknowledge the lack of reasonable people in the conversation.

    We aren't/weren't Russian so couldn't be cosmonauts. QED. :)

    Semantics, semantics, semantics.

  5. Semantics? What in the world does the Jewish race have to do with anything in space?

    :) :)

  6. Incidentally, did you know that the clock tower in the photo has a large bell named "Big Boris"?

  7. "Big Boris" doesn't ring true. :)


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