Saturday 13 June 2009

The Millau Viaduct, the bridge over the River Tarn

Unused.  I bought this card myself at the newly opened visitor centre for the bridge at Millau, in 2005 (I think).  It must have been early after the bridge was opened because it isn't a "real" postcard.  It's a photo stuck to a postcard.  I didn't dare put it into the postal system in case it came apart.

Viaduc de Millau
Hauteur totale de tablier au sommet des pylones: 343 m (height to top of pylons)
Hauteur du tablier au dessus du Tarn: 270 m (height of roadway)
Longueur totale: 2460 m (length)
Tablier en acier: 36,000 tonnes (amount of steel in roadway)
Béton des culées et piles: + de 205,000 tonnes (concrete)
Designer Foster and Partners
Photo: Daniel Jamme

It's taller than the Eiffel Tower.  It's the tallest vehicle bridge in the world.  And it looks stunning, so much so that they have had to make a viewing point where people can stop and take photos.


  1. The Millau (a cable-stayed bridge) is not only the tallest bridge in the world (when measured to the top of its towers) it is also certainly one of the most beautiful.

    The tallest suspension bridge in the world is still the Royal Gorge Bridge, built 'way back in 1929. Although the roadway of the Royal Gorge Bridge is considerably higher than the magnificent Millau (321m vs 270m) its towers are not nearly as high. Also it was built mostly as a tourist attraction for foot traffic across the Gorge, although it does have a railroad under the deck.

    I love this picture, even if it is a non-postcard!

  2. In fact I have several other cards of it, and the book! It really is beautiful and breathtaking when you first catch sight of it.

  3. Whenever I see the name Millau and can't help but think of Tintin's dog Milou..they translated his name to snowy in English! What bunk:)Have a great Tuesday!


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