Saturday 20 June 2009

St Nicholas Cathedral, St Petersburg

Postmarked Saint Petersburg, and dated 17 May 2009.
View of the St. Nicholas Cathedral complex.

The cathedral, built between1753 and 1762, is painted in white and blue, with five gold domes.  On this card you can easily see that it has two storeys, common in Russian churches.  The lower church would be used for normal everyday services, and the upper, lighter one for special festivals.  The bell tower stands overlooking the Kryukov Canal.

The cathedral is dedicated to sailors as was the wooden church that stood in the same spot before it.  It was one of the very few cathedrals not closed during Soviet times and continued to function as a church throughout. 

I have been trying to find out whether this cathedral is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site listing which is for the Historic Centre of St Petersburg and Related Groups of Buildings.  It certainly should be.
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