Saturday 11 July 2009

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

Postmarked Las Cruces, dated 28 May 2009.
Taos Pueblo
New Mexico
One of the many pueblos in New Mexico, Taos is the largest and most famous.  Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and surrounded by the scenic beauty of northern New Mexico.

According to various sources I have read, these multi-storey adobe buildings are thought to have been occupied for as long as 1000 years.  Taos Pueblo became a centre of Native American culture in the early 17th century.  When resistance to Spanish colonisation diminished, some more European features started to be adopted into the buildings, such as windows and exterior doors.  In earlier times there would have been neither, and the only entrance would be at the top.  However, according to the message on the back of the card:
The homes in this main building have no electricity or running water.  There is a river nearby for fresh water.
It represents a culture which is under threat from advancing modernisation.  Most members now live in modern homes outside the village.
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  1. Beautiful. I didn't know it was the largest.

  2. It is beautiful, yes, and so different from anything I know. The "largest" fact came from the back of the card, so I'm hoping it's true, and whether it means by population, by area, or something else, I don't know.

  3. Very interesting, I had no idea people still lived like that. Reminds me alot of the ruins in places like MesaVerde.

    I very much like the message you have above your comments area. I might alter my message accordingly. Nice way to inform people. I've just recently learned about his no follow, do follow coding in our templates, and have altered mine to also be a dofollow blog.

    Do you know how to tell when visiting others blogs if they are? I've read there's suppose to be a way to tell when using Moz. FF toolbar and in fact downloaded the extension called NoDoFollow...but, now that I have it, I don't know how to use it.

    Doing some blog walking this am from my new SB widget, fun to meet new bloggers.


  4. Hi Sandy, and welcome! The only way I know to find out if a link is dofollow is in Firefox. I don't use a plugin, but just right-click on the link and go to properties. If it is nofollow, it will tell you at the bottom.

  5. Another fantastic postcard, Sheila. Since I would love to move to Santa Fe, this card of Taos has special meaning. I used to spend many summers and spring vacations there in the '80's and would move in a minute, but DH is reluctant to leave!

    You always research your cards and add wonderful details and information.


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