Friday 21 August 2009

PFF: British post boxes

Unused, issued by Royal Mail on 18 August 2009.
Post Boxes (Miniature sheet)
Reproduced from a miniature sheet designed by Elmwood and featuring stamp photography by Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos; Wakefield posting slot by Guy Farrow.

The earliest known surviving posting slot was placed in the wall of Wakefield Post Office in 1809. Britain's first roadside pillar boxes appeared in the early 1850s but, in more remote and less populated areas, a cheaper and more practical alternative was needed, resulting in the development of smaller post boxes. Initially they were installed in walls, buildings and brick pillars; later designs were also attached to lamp posts.

I've been looking forward to this stamp issue for quite a long time because my avatar has been a post box (in various formats) for quite a time. Not only are there stamps, but there is a series of five postcards - one depicting each stamp plus the one shown above.

So, in celebration, I'd like to send a card to the first five people to email me (daily {dot} postcard {at} gmail {dot} com) a snail mail address. First come, first served, I'm afraid, because the local post office had only one packet left.

A post for Postcard Friendship Friday.

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  1. Those red post boxes are so photogenic. Happy PFF.

  2. Sheila, I'm mailing you my snail mail address again. I want a card with the British post box stamp! I always loved thoseRED boxes! Great post! My PFF is up at Mary Tomaselli Photos. Just click the link... :)

  3. Lovely !
    Thank you for your visit and kind message .
    I come back later to read your whole post.

  4. It's all about the Red. From double decker buses to those grand Victorian uniforms to mail boxes. When I think of Britian, I tend to think red.

  5. I love that one! I've always been intrigued by post boxes, in fact I still watch out for the Victorian ones when I'm out and about.

  6. It is cute and all matched with your logo too.

  7. Sheila, one of the things I like about travelling to former colonies is the fact that many still use the old post boxes. In fact I reckon there might be older ones in places like India,

  8. I remember seeing these post boxes. Love them still.


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