Sunday 2 August 2009

A Week of Cathedrals: 2 - Se Cathedral, Old Goa, India.

Postmark Mumbai, dated 16 June 2009.
Velha Goa: Se Cathedral (16th cent.)
The Portuguese Viceroy in Goa ordered the cathedral to be built, in 1562, to display the grandeur of Portugal.  It was dedicated to St. Catherine because in 1510 Goa was conquered on St Catherine's feast day.

It is the largest church in Asia and took over 50 years to build the shell.  The altars were not completed until 1652.  It originally had two towers but the southern one collapsed in 1776 and was never rebuilt.  The remaining one houses the "Golden Bell", so called because of its rich tone.

Along with the other churches and convents in Goa, the cathedral is listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

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  1. I think I was Indian in another life! Since I started cruising with Royal Caribbean nearly 15 years ago, I have done 76 cruises and have made so many wonderful Indian friends among their crew members. In 1997, I spent ten days in India, as the guest of one of them, staying with him and his lovely wife and family. I did not get to Goa but, in Jan, I will return to India for about 3 weeks and hope to see Goa then. Will make this cathedral one of my stops.

  2. Lucky you! I'll need to send you on a postcard buying trip. :)


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