Tuesday 4 August 2009

A Week of Cathedrals: 4 - St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Postmarked Praha, dated 10 July 2009.
Prague. St Vitus Cathedral Choir.

St Vitus Cathedral, full name the Cathedral of St Vitus, St Wenceslas and St Adalbert, is situated in the castle complex in Prague.  Not only is it the burial place of five saints, but many princes, kings and other notable people from the Czech Republic.

The building you see is the third cathedral on the site.  The first was founded in about 925 and the next in 1060.  The foundation stone for the current building was laid in 1344, when the bishopric became an archbishopric, but it wasn't finally completed until 1929!

I see this is my first posted card from the Czech Republic, so I must rectify that.
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  1. Yet another beautiful cathedral. Amidst a winter background isn't?

  2. It is winter I think. I'm assuming that's a Christmas tree outside.

  3. That is spectacular. Five saints! How I would love to visit the Czech Republic. I've done so much travel but have yet to get to Eastern Europe. This beautiful cathedral would be one of my first stops!

  4. I agree, I'd love to visit too. One day! :)

  5. When I visited in 2002 I was staying with my aunt and uncle. There was a news report about the "Heart of Prague" (the largest bell in the Cathedral) breaking and have a large crack in it. I asked why everyone was making such a big deal about this because everyone in the house gasped and looked nervous. My babi (grandma) told me that the legend is when the Heart of Prague breaks a catastrophe will hit Prague. Two months after I came home the worst floods seen in 150 years hit Prague and devastated the city. Coincidence? Or is the legend real?

  6. Wow, Manda, that story has given me shivers down my spine!


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