Saturday 19 September 2009

A seaside holiday 1: Florida

As the end of the summer becomes more insistent, I thought I would have a series of cards to remind me of summer holidays, and what better way than a seaside holiday.

Postmarked Tampa, Florida, dated 22 December 2008.
Crowds flock to the famous resort of Holiday Isle in the Florida Keys.

Postmarked Tampa, Florida, and dated 12 September 2009.
Honeymoon Island State recreation area, Dunedin, Florida.
Enjoy quiet walks on the beach in this Florida paradise.  Take the ferry to Caldesi Island.

Stunning looking beaches in both places, but if I'm honest, they aren't the style of holiday I'd choose.  However just at this moment, I'd happily swap the rapidly cooling weather (cooling from an unimpressive peak) for any warmth wherever it should happen to be.

I'm intrigued by the names, too.  Are there really islands called Holiday Isle and Honeymoon Island, or are they resort names?

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