Thursday, 29 October 2009

Obidos, Portugal

Postmarked Braga and dated 1 May 2009.
The castle wall and tower.

Óbidos is a small town built within the fortifications of a castle.  It was won from the Moors by a knight, supposedly disguised as a cherry tree.  What a wonderful mental image that conjures up.  A local speciality is a sweet brandy liqueur made from cherries.  I have no idea whether there is any connection!
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  1. Sounds wonderful, this brandy cherry, and the postcard is pretty. Looks like a nice place to vist. Your Portugal cards have all been so nice...I need to really spend some time there, other than my quick stops, via cruise ship, in Lisbon!

  2. This is another one I can't stop looking at! It is so pretty. You mention the Moors - I love Moorish architecture!


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