Tuesday 20 October 2009


Postmarked Tacoma, and dated 13 October 2009 - it arrived today!  The speed of cross-Atlantic post is quite incredibly variable I find.

Seattle skyline at dawn. Mount Rainier looms in the distance.

A most striking card, sent to me by Ms. Marie (thank you so much!), with the modern buildings of the city in the foreground and the mountain and nature behind.  That will be the Space Needle on the left, with the Columbia Center to the right and then the Washington Mutual Tower.  That, I'm afraid is my limit.  If there is anything else there worthy of note, please let me know.
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  1. ooh. thank you for commenting. and thanks for posting the postcard on your blog. i never though of giving information about the postcards i post. i am looking forward to receiving your postcard. i open it arrives soon! take care.


  2. Wow... that is fast. I had a student post something from just the other side of London Bridge the other day. She posted it 24 September and it arrived 20 October!

  3. I like the view of Seattle, one of those cities I have yet to visit-like so many others.

  4. Seattle is such a beaut of a city! Do you know the glass artist Dale Chihuly? He's based in Seattle and his work is jaw dropping!

  5. Seattle is wonderful and under a two hour flight from San Francisco. I am there fairly often. I love that spectacular Mt. Rainier, visible from downtown! Great seafood, spectacular scenery and only two hours from Vancouver and beautiful Victoria in British Columbia.

  6. @Ms.Marie. I do hope it arrives soon. It always worries me when they're delayed.

    @Emm, the disruptions at the moment are terrible, and set to get worse it seems.

    @Descartes, it's a particularly attractive view, this one.

    @Marie, I've heard of Dale Chihuly, but only vaguely. I must find out more, because one of the things I've immediately noticed is that the Victoria and Albert Museum has one of his chandeliers. I must go and see it.

    @Rnsane, it sounds a great place. Maybe one day. :)

  7. I love Seattle so much! What a pretty postcard


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