Monday 16 November 2009

Mesa Verde National Park

A really beautiful card from PostMuse of the Mesa Verde National Park.  It has, intriguingly, two postmarks.  One is Pittsburg and the other Baden, both dated 22 October 2009.

Cliff Palace at Dusk, Mesa Verde National Park
This Ancestral Pueblo culture site is the largest cliff dwelling still standing in North America.  It is believe to have been constructed somewhere between AD 1190 and AD 1280.  Located at over 7,000 feet in elevation.  Cliff Palace contained 151 rooms, 23 kivas and housed between 100 - 150 people.
Photographer George H.H. Huey.

The Mesa Verde National Park is in Colorado near the Four Corners area, and was home to the Ancient Pueblo people.  Cliff Palace is far larger than any other dwelling in the area.  It was discovered in 1888 by two cowboys looking for strays. 
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  1. It is quite an amazing place, I think, for the Pueblo Indians to have built...pretty decent housing for that era!

  2. My postman seems to be quite intriguing by what he finds in my mailbox and I think he makes sure the cards get the local (Baden) postmark before going to the area sorting facility (Pittsburgh). He takes a lot of mail from my little home mailbox and I think he likes that I offer him job security, so he helps by making sure my little bits of mail get local postmarks.

    And Mesa Verde is indeed amazing. I wish we could have explored even more of the ruins.

  3. ANother amazing place on earth.

  4. The Ancient Ones. "Anasazi". Several tribes, including the Navajo (which are not pueblo Indians) claim them as their ancestors. Probably true. Their artifacts date back to about 1000 BC - about the time of King David and Solomon on the other side of the world. Their territory (judging by found artifacts) was quite a bit larger than just the 4 corners area, covering much of those 4 states, although that's where their famous cliff palace is.

  5. @RNSANE, yes it's an incredible place.

    @PostMuse, my post office people all think I'm slightly odd, but they're very indulgent.:) I'm very jealous that you had the opportunity to explore such a wonderful place. Maybe one day I'll be able to get there.

    @Lay Hoon, there are so many, aren't there?

    @Max, I hadn't picked up that they were quite so old. I'd like to find out more about this ancient civilisation.


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