Sunday, 1 November 2009

St Vitus Cathedral, Rijeka

This very striking card arrived recently from Croatia.  It's postmarked Rijeka, and dated 14 October 2009.

It shows the cathedral of St Vitus (Vid in Croatian) which dates from the Middle Ages.  The building as seen today was founded in 1638.  It has a circular shape, unusual in this part of the world.  The city was dedicated to St Vitus in the 4th century.  The name of the city of Rijeka means river, and it is the main Croatian port.
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  1. What an interesting and beautiful cathedral!
    So unusual and old. I've never seen one that shape.

  2. There's one in France at Neuvy, which bills itself as unique in France. It's on one of the routes to Santiago de Compostela. I haven't been there either.

  3. What a lovely building! Totally worthy of postcard fame!


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