Monday 14 December 2009

Hong Kong business district

This card is fairly clearly postmarked Hong Kong but I was surprised to see what I thought was an equally clear date of 31 November.  On closer inspection it seems to be 21 November 2009.  Or maybe even 24 November.  But it really is Hong Kong, I promise you.

It shows the business district of Hong Kong, and is exactly how I always imagine it to be.  Nevertheless I do know there are plenty of green areas which you can see on the card, but the buildings are so impressive you tend not to notice.  So I'm always surprised to hear that 70% of Hong Kong's land mass is undeveloped and made up of mountains, forests, parks, gardens and nature reserves..
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  1. Sheila I reckon someone stole one of my photographs and made it into a postcard :-)

    Mind you I expect that view with the Star ferry in the foreground is a popular photograph.

    Great place!

  2. I love Hong Kong though it has been many years since I've been there! I visited twice, both times for cruises. Stayed a couple of days each time so I could at least experience the excitement of the place. Once, it was just after Christmas and shortly before Chinese New Year. The buildings were incredible, all decorated in beautiful lights.

  3. I can assure you that is my beloved Hong Kong. On Hong Kong Island and Kowloon you will find the most urban area. It is ont the outlying islands like Lantau Island etc... where the green and nature preserves are located. In fact on Lantau island you need special permission from the government to drive a car there. Only buses and taxis are allowed. It's a beautiful spot and my favorite place in the world.


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