Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I love this card from Finland!  On the back it says several things that I don't understand but I can read what it gives as the date: 1920.  I think the idea is that it's a reproduction on a 1920 print.  I'm not sure.  Do you think the hairstyles are 1920?  Obviously I'm not well-versed in Finnish hairstyles of that era, but some of them look fairly  modern to my eye.

The card came to me through Postcrossing with a very clear Helsinki postmark, dated 18 January 2010.  The wording on the back is
Kuvia menneiltä ajoilta - Vintage Photo Reprints
00602 Rantatytöt n,. 1920


  1. I was about to say looks like the 20's.

  2. Sheila, that is terrific...I don't think the hairdos look that vintage!


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