Sunday, 24 January 2010

Saint Stephen the Great of Moldavia

I was very excited to find a card from Moldova waiting for me when I looked to see if anything had arrived for me.  Postmarked Chisinau (the capital of Moldova) and dated 29 December 2009, it's taken over three weeks to reach me.

It shows a monument to Saint Stephen the Great who was Prince of Moldavia (not quite the same as Moldova) from 1457 to 1504 .

The monument is near the cathedral, the Birth of Christ Cathedral or Christmas Cathedral, shown on this stamp (behind the swimmer).  I'm afraid I don't know the significance of the swimmer.
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  1. Well, I have never been to Moldavia nor have I even met a Moldavian!

  2. Anonymous Carol Bude said...

    Moldova? Where is that located? I guess it's in europe, am i right? Looking at the pictures, i think its a beautiful country. Kust take a look at those pink flowers.. (is it tulips?) When i visit this site, it feels like im touring the world! :)

  3. It is an olimpic stamp. The swimmer is Iurii Bashkatov, the silver champion in swimming at 1992 Olimpic Games at Barcelona.

  4. For the sake of completeness,Moldova is between Romania and Ukraine.

    Latina - many thanks for letting us know! I couldn't find out from anywhere on the internet. Not in Englsih anyway.


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