Sunday 7 February 2010

Aston Hall, Birmingham

Showing a complete ignorance of architectural style, I thought Aston Hall was a Victorian building until I tried to find out a little more about it.  Then I looked at it more closely.  In fact it is Jacobean and building started in 1618.  It wasn't finished for 17 years.  It is classified as Grade I listed, the most protected of historic buildings.

It has a number of other claims to fame:
  • King Charles stayed there just before the battle of Edgehill, the first battle of the civil war.
  • The staircase was damaged by a cannonball during the war and the damage can still be seen.
  • The elder son of James Watt lived there for a time.
  • It was became the first country house to be owned by a municipality when it was bought by Birmingham City Council in 1864.
  • Queen Victoria was not amused when a tightrope walker fell and was killed not long after the queen had visited to open the building officially.
The building has recently undergone a major renovation.  There are some pictures of the work on Flickr.

The card itself is clearly postmarked Birmingham and dated 8 May 1906.

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  1. Oh wow - perhaps that means the buildings at Kings College at Guys Hospital are Jacobean too as they have very similar styling. I would love to go to Aston to take some photos - it is stunning.

  2. @Mike, thanks for visiting. :)

    @Emm, if you look carefully you can just about see some patterned brickwork, criss-cross, though the card doesn't show it up well. Apparently the place is totally surrounded by Birmingham now, a 50+ acre site. It must be a great place for the city.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I'd personally love to be able to recognize architectural styles or eras. The only one I can identify without fail is art deco, mostly because I'm not a fan, lol.

  4. It was nice for find your postcard blog today and know that postcard collecting is alive and well.

  5. Hii..Its so wonderful to read about your experiences....Looking forward to reading your future posts and nice to know a fellow expat blogger.
    I would also like to add a link to your blog in my resources section. Do let me know if it is alrite.

  6. I have seen some Baroque structures that look like this. However, Jacobian does fit the appearance.


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