Saturday 20 February 2010

Gold Gold Gold

I was in two minds as to whether or not to mark the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, mainly because the only card I have is this one, and it's hardly appropriate.  However, a miracle happened, and Great Britain has won a gold medal, the first in 30 years. As I think that the card may well be roughly that age, I feel there's a minor tie in there. :)

Apparently there have been protests over the aerodynamic qualities of the winner's helmet.  Those technicalities escape me completely. 

From the back of the card:
Vancouver BC
The Sun Princess passes through the Lions Gate Bridge on its way up the inside passage to Alaska.

That is what the card says. The picture of the ship bears little resemblance to the Sun Princess launched in 1995 as the largest cruise liner at the time, and I can find no reference to a predecessor.

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  1. How wonderful! Every country, especially our beloved friend England should have this joy and honor. ((hugs))

  2. Late last night I was watching the recap of the olympics for the day. As usual, BC was running tourism commercials and this bridge and the beautiful unspoiled island were featured. Then the commercial was over and they returned to the olympics and showed the young lady standing on the podium with her gold medal, singing along to her national anthem as the Union was raised. I didn't know it had been so long for a gold medal, and I didn't know the UK competed under only "Great Britain", so I learned something. I am struck by the coincidence of the BC commercial and your card.

  3. Thank you Beth! :)

    @Max, if I had been truly accurate, I would have called them Team GB and that stands for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Why they don't call it Team UK, I really don't know. I didn't know about the commercial - quite a coincidence! The second in three days. I must be careful what I blog about.


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