Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Greetings from Wyandot

This is the first postcard I've ever had that's proud to be on the Lincoln Highway, and the first card of this style too.
The Lincoln Highway in Wyandot County is a tranquil journey through rural Ohio.  Homesteads dot the countryside with their bounty of corn, wheat and soybeans during the growing seasons.  Some original brick road remains on the east side of town.  Other historic sites include the Courthouse, Wyandot County Museum, and many vintage churches.  Nearby are two covered bridges, the Old Mission Church, Indian Mill, Overland Inn and Our Lady of Consolation Church and Shrine.  Yearly events include the Wyandot Country Fair, the Classic Cruise-in, and Upper Sandusky's Winter Fantasy of Lights Show.
There is a long and interesting history of the Lincoln Highway on "The Lincoln Highway: An Introduction".  Even the brief history goes on for pages, but it's fascinating.

But the best thing about this card?  It was sent to me (from Mansfield Ohio on 9 February 2010) by an 8 year old girl whose favo(u)rite thing to eat is spaghetti and who has five brothers.  Beat that!

PS  I'm slightly confused - is Wyandot County more a town than a county?  Or does county have a meaning I don't understand?
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  1. wow you have an 8 years old fans .. nice. long time not visit this blog.. are you really quit entrecard?

  2. Hi! And welcome. :) Yes, I left Entrecard around about a year ago.

  3. What is really fun is to chase the lincoln Highway.I started doint that but had to stop when my seizures caused my too many problems.

  4. It is interesting, and wondering why she sent you this? :)

  5. I'm from Ohio, and the only Wyandot I've ever been to is Wyandot Lake.

  6. Generally when they say they live in a particular county, it simply means they live in a rural area and not in an incorporated village or city. Farmers will often just say they live in such and such county, though their mail is addressed to the nearest town with a post office (and then delivered to the farm.)


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