Tuesday, 2 February 2010


This card is a bit special in a number of ways.  It shows the Zuigan-ji temple, designated a national treasure, in Matsushima.  It was originally founded in 828 but rebuilt by Date Masamunein 1609.  There are some beautiful photos on Japan-Photo-Archiv.

It was sent to me from Tokyo on 25 January 2010, as a swap.  I had sent a card that didn't arrive and replaced it.  This was to say thank you, and a wonderful thank you it is.  It has some lovely stamps too.  The temple stamp in red ink appears on the top right corner.

It is clearly a very old card.  Dating early Japanese cards can be helped by the back of the card.  Divided backs were not allowed until 1907 when one-third of the card was allowed for a message.  From 1918, the dividing line was moved to the middle of the card.  In this case, the line is somewhere between one-third and halfway.  Answers on a postcard ....
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  1. I love old temples. This one is lovely. Is it really as old as you stated?


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