Tuesday, 16 March 2010

PHQ card

PHQ stands for postal headquarters.  The Post Office in the UK has been issuing postcards showing the design of commemorative stamps since 1973, though at first it was only occasionally.  From 1976 they have appeared for every commemorative stamp issued.

This particular one was issued on 26 January 2010 and sent to me through Postcrossing on 16 February of this year.  It shows one of a sheet of generic "smilers" which originally were personalised stamps with your own uploaded images, but the Post Office now issues them with stickers saying "Best wishes" and similar greetings.  Unfortunately I didn't notice the two airmail stamps on the sheet and used them for internal UK mail.  What a waste.

Since looking up "Smilers" to find more information, I've discovered the use of personalised stamps originated in Australia but has now spread to many other countries.
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  1. That is most interesting. I think I must walk around with my eyes shut since I don't think I've ever noticed any of these postcards!

  2. This is a beautiful photograph. I enjoy your pictures, especially Finland, like this one. How does one measure a gram?


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