Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Keel Bay

Keel Bay and village, Achill Island, Co. Mayo: Achill Island, with an area of over 36,000 acres, is the largest island off the Irish coast.  Magnificent cliff scenery, interspersed with fine beaches and towering mountains, help to enhance the scenic attractions of Achill.  As a compact holiday area, it offers bathing, fishing, climbing, walking and all manner of indoor recreation.  Keel, on the southern side, is a popular resort with accommodation, and one of the island's finest beaches.

This looks such a wonderfully inviting spot!  The card was sent in the 1980s and it does look like one from that era.  I'm not sure whether the colours fade, or whether the cards always looked like that, but it certainly can't be mistaken for a modern card.
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  1. Thats a late 50s/early 1960s postcard, all the early cards have the caption Color photo by John Hinde MRPS.

  2. Interesting, thanks for that information. So it must have been a card that was lying around for some time. The postmark isn't all that clear but the stamp is Harry Ferguson, issued 1981.

  3. Funny, I received the exact same postcard in the 80's.
    Peter Keel


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