Sunday 25 April 2010

Postman from Finland

Postman Kalle Pohja in the 1910s.

This is a publication from the Helsinki Postal Museum.  From a slide show of photos of postal history that they have on their site, I would say Postman Kalle Pohja was fairly unlucky.  Most of the others seem to have motorised transport.
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  1. Cool photo!
    It's a wonderful way of looking back into the past and see how postmen and their vehicles have changed up to now :D
    At least Postman Kalle Pohja's mode of transpo is more Earth-friendly and keeps him fit everyday.

  2. Goodness, that does look hard work!

  3. That is quite the bicycyle, Sheila! I can't imagine what delivering mail in the winter would be like!

  4. I would love a bike like this!


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