Tuesday 20 April 2010

Prince Edward Island

In 1769, at the time that Prince Edward Island became a separate colony (though until 1798 it was known as St John's Island), an allowance was set up for a clergyman for the colony.  The position was held by the Reverend John Caulfield who managed, nevertheless, never to visit the Island. 

His successor in 1774 was taken prisoner and relieved of all his possessions before he arrived, only to find there was no church, no accommodation and no stipend.  In 1795 a church building was started but not finished until 1803.  In 1831 a larger church was started but it hadn't been completed when it was blown down in a storm.  It was rebuilt and completed in 1835.

Only 60 years later the present stone structure was built to replace the previous church.  It's an interesting structure.  I haven't seen a church of that shape before.
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  1. The side extensions look a bit like arms. Could be very welcoming, or threatening, depending on your viewpoint.

  2. All I know about Prince Edward's Island is that it was home to both Emily of New Moon and Anne of Green Gables. So it must be a great place.

  3. @Post Muse, I see exactly what you mean - they do look like arms. It really is an unusual shape for a church.

    @Descartes, Anne of Green Gables I knew about but forgot. Emily of New Moon is completely new to me. I must look it up.

  4. It's interesting to see structures of this kind with the cone capped pillars, or gables. Not sure of the name. Typically, this construction is seen in France and Russia.

  5. It seems the church had a bit of trouble getting started on Prince Edward Island!! Nice that they finally have a church!!


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