Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Two views of the Landgate

Rye in Sussex once used to be on the south coast of England and provided an important and safe anchorage.  It's still in the south of England but now two miles from the sea.  It sits on top of some rocky high ground surrounded by flat marshy land.  However it does still have a fishing fleet and a harbour.

The Landgate, dating from 1340, is the only remaining gateway of the four that used to be in the medieval walls to the town and is still the only way to enter the centre of Rye.  The other gates were Baddings Gate, Postern Gate and Strandgate. 

The first card, a Salmon Cameracolour, was bought by my father and sent to himself on 20 April 1982.  I imagine the second, the pencil drawing, a Judge's Pencil Etch, was bought at the same time but has never been mailed. 
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  1. Oh gorgeous! I love Rye and used to go there often when I lived in Kent. I really like pencil and pen and ink drawings. What a fascinating hobby you have.

  2. The sketch look so much like the picture, of course except for the roof on the building on the left.I love the fact that there are so many Medieval towns there, my major of course that's why.


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