Sunday 27 June 2010

A horse-drawn mailvan

Horse Drawn Mailvan circa 1940, at Broadhembury Post Office.
The mailvan was "rediscovered" in Exeter Head Post Office area and subsequently restored to ful working condition.
'Duke' courtesy of the Heavy Horse Centre, Cricket St Thomas.
This card was produced by the Post Office in 1982, as one of a series for the south west postal region.  Broadhembury is in Devon and the post office there still looks exactly the same minus, I suppose, the horse drawn van.

A post for Weekend Mailbox run at Gemma's Greyscale Territory. If you have any mail related post, do go on over and join in.

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  1. That is so odd--I've tried to attach Gemma's blog twice now--we'll see what I can do--thanks for the heads up and for the wonderful photo!

    Wow! That would be an interesting place to live!

  2. Love the horse drawn van.... Amazing they had it as alate as 1982.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I love not only the horse-drawn cart but also the thatched roof and whitewashed walls.

    I was a foreign exchange student at Trinity College Dublin in 1968-69 and I lived with a young family in a house in Dundrum, 6 miles south of Dublin. A man selling vegetables would drive through the neighborhood regularly and I, being a southern California girl, thought it was so-o cool.

  4. This is wonderful! You say that it has been restored to full working condition! Does that mean it does "touristy" runs! An incredible sight!

    And thank you so much for participating in Weekend Mailbox! A fascinating entry!

  5. I would like to see one of those clip-clopping down my road delivering post. Looks perfect with the thatched houses, great card.

  6. If only mail were still delivered in this fashion. I might arrive quicker. lol

  7. I would love to get my mail this way and I would have an apple for the horse! Not sure what I would give the mailman!!


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