Tuesday 20 July 2010

St Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinaï

One of the oldest working monasteries in the world, St Catherine's, can be found in the Sinaï region of Egypt. It has never been destroyed (and rebuilt like so many) so it has a continuous history going back 1700 years.  That thought alone makes me sit back in wonder.

It is a Greek Orthodox monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for both cultural and scenic reasons.  The whole area is sacred to Christians, Moslems and Jews.  The library holds the second largest collection of codices and manuscripts, well known for their antiquity and importance.

This has to go down on my list of places I'd dearly love to visit. 
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  1. Gorgeous architecture from what I see and with such history it would be a fantastic place to visit.

  2. How wonderful that this special place has managed to escape conflict and to remain intact. It is sad that so many other places of historical and important meaning to the world have not been able to avoid war and man's greed.


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