Friday 27 August 2010


This sorry looking card really has only its age going for it, but it's quite interesting.  On the address side it's impossible to read a date (though 1876 is printed on it), but it's addressed to M. Ackermann "negociant en vins" in Saumur.

Ackermanns are still in Saumur in the Loire Valley of France, producing sparkling wines using the champagne method of production.  The reverse of the card, clearly once stuck into someone's album, is interesting too.  It says:
Je vous prie de vouloir bien m'envoyer vos prix courants de champagne : et de me dire si vous avez vins avec etiquette champange. (underlining is the sender's)
Translated this is:
Please be so kind as to send me your current prices for champagne: and to tell me if you have wines with the label champagne.
Interesting, for a number of reasons.  First the date appears to be 1877, certainly not 1977.  Then the question about champagne.  From 1891 it was forbidden to use the word champagne for any wine made outside the Champagne district in France, in fact since 1994, even using the words "champagne method" has been forbidden.

And finally, the "avocat", M. Montier, seems keen that the wine he buys should be labelled as champagne.  You have to assume that he's out to impress someone that he's bought the real thing and not a cheaper imitation!

This is a post for Postcard Friday, which is hosted by Beth Niquette at The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. It sounds like he has previously bought "champagne" that wasn't labeled "champagne."

  2. Funny post. I like the detective work you did. Happy PFF>

  3. I like the 'Go-With' story to go with this slighty 'used' (or abused) card!

  4. What a wonderful old card! Interesting that there were "wine snobs" prior to the 1970's! I thought that's when it all began. Happy PFF!

  5. That really is an old, old card. It's wonderful that some of the great old things from the past have survived even in a tattered form.

  6. Interesting post.
    "champagne method" "champagne method" "champagne method" "champagne method" "champagne method".

  7. Very very interesting. My next door neighbor is a master sommelier and I am going to forward him your post. I think he'll find it particularly interesting too.

  8. Beautiful script writing. Funny that he wants the label on the bottle, perhaps to impress.

  9. Interesting card and post. I wonder what champagne prices were back then?

  10. I learned something new. I had no idea the word "champagne" could not be used.

  11. What a fascinating post--and that postcard--how intriguing. I loved ever bit of this blog entry! Happy PFF!

  12. What a treasure of a card!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

    You had asked me if my homemade postcard could be send through the mail 'naked', and yes, this particular one could. Some of my creations might need an envelope (at least a vellum envelope).


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